Our idea is to provide classics accented with a sense of individuality. The result — cool, easy, chic looks for men and women that personifies a youthful elegance and personal style.

When love was hated it was essential that the look was still honest and in tune. The personification of each look exudes that of greatness. I mean people were really getting lifted by every new garment they discovered. The process has feared itself from all possibilities, to that I wish I didn’t know. When she shows me a bright star I typically oblige. Could you see yourself doing anything different in that matter? Well isn’t it obvious what I do? As the sun rises we fall in place and out of love forgotten circumstances turn real. The sun that sinks, it’s just foreplay.

I tend to let myself get carried away. When I first conceive a thought to design, I begin to write. Whatever comes to my head begins to form and an endless thought provoking concept reveals itself. I wish I could be like the cool kids… ha, even one day at that ‘.) So played out in a submissive manner my design takes shape, a newborn of a culture dawns the age of socialism. TO EACH IS OWN and for you I will. How well can we shape one an others future? Despite our values and upbringings what we wear typically defines who we are or whom we would like to be portrayed as. I know what I only see through my eyes. I share enough of myself with the given universe to see how much of an impact I intend to mask. I’m literally building luxuries inside of garments and that is the most lux which is self. I would like Casey Levan to create Space Suits In The Garden™” and revive a culture of self awareness by enlightenment.